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joeyfivecents is a brand of storied jewelry and accessories created by Susan Forker. 

A little bit about me:  I grew up in New England, but lived in New York and California prior to settling in Pennsylvania with my family. My studio is housed in a civil war era barn that we moved onto our property and renovated. I love living and creating amongst such rich history and am inspired by it everyday.  

Formerly, I was a film & video editor and used pictures and sound as a means to tell a narrative.  Although I now create with different media, it's still about telling a story. 

My line of jewelry and accessories draws inspiration from the past, but is presented in a modern context that feels playful and familiar. All of my finished work features selectively culled and curated original vintage paper imagery that I carefully cut, seal and preserve in layers of resin in my home studio. Using mixed metal bezels, repurposed vintage chain, beads and findings that I forage from flea markets and favorite online sources, I create delightfully minimalist to knockout multi-layered statement pieces that are all one-of-a-kind. Each piece created honors the stories of the images and materials used, but presents a new narrative that touches on abstraction and reminiscences while emphasizing reuse and eco-fashion.

Want to know more about my studio and process? I was honored to have been featured on Etsy's blog series 'Inspiring Workspaces' - find the story here:


what's in a name?

My shop name ‘joeyfivecents’ is borrowed from a character in the 1977 film ‘Annie Hall’ starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. There’s a memorable scene involving the uncle ‘Joey Nichols’ and Woody Allen's character as a boy. The uncle repeatedly reminds the boy about his last name and ends with a dramatic slapping of a nickel on his forehead proclaiming, ‘You can always remember my name, just think 'Joey Five Cents’! It’s a pretty well known moment from that film - funny, quirky and unique.